11 Lilac Time

smelling lilac
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Is this a botanical blog, or what?

Well,it's lilac time over here, can you smell it??
BTW - speaking of lilac reminds me of of a very fine album: "Keep Going" by Stephen Duffy and the lilac times - 13 sparsely but nicely arranged songs, rather reflective lyrics, like:

And at the time, I was a young boy,
Barely 42
I didn't know only love could break your heart, I didn't know what love could do
So when the phone went dead in the livingroom
In the sunshine over Gramercy
And when the tears fell and the sky went dark
And on the peace march we wrote poetry
Give me something to believe in
Oh God, give me something to believe in
... (from "Oh God")..

I'm off to the airport
Nice WE!

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