22 - Wrapped Up in Books

Amazon has a new service – „search inside“, unfortunately this is not yet available at amazon.de or amazon.at. A click on the book reveals a lot of information. Let’s try it out with one of my favourites: “Ulysses”:
1) There’s a concordance, an alphabetized list of the most frequently occurring words. Here we find “bloom” “mr” “said” “stephen”.
2) It lists books on related topics, such as critical essays.
3) there are text stats, one being the the fog index: indicating the number of years of formal education required to read and understand a passage of text, for Ulysses it says 9.0 years (isn’t this very little?), other pieces of information such as sentence structure, complex words, how many sentences and so on.
4) citations of other books
5) sample pages: back cover, front cover, excerpt.
Plus, you can search for words within the book: I’ve tried it with “Howth” and got seven pages where Howth appears in Ulysses.

Wrapped up in Books is a single from Belle & Sebastian’s album “Dear Catastrophe Waitress”. If you go here you can play the “wrapped-up-in-books-game” which is great fun.

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