30 - Let's talk Globish

"It happens all the time: during an airport delay the man to the left, a Korean perhaps, starts talking to the man opposite, who might be Colombian, and soon they are chatting away in what seems to be English. But the native English speaker sitting between them cannot understand a word.

They don't know it, but the Korean and the Colombian are speaking
Globish, the latest addition to the 6,800 languages that are said to be spoken across the world ..." says
Mary Blume in the International Herald Tribune.

Want an example?

a) Standard English: Globish uses a simplified pronunciation guide spelling which merges many of the vowels of English speech. People speaking this spelling dialect could be understood by other English speakers but their pronunciation would be considered a little off.

b) Globish yuzaz a simplifaid pranansiashan gaid speling wich marjaz meny av tha vaeulz av Inglish spich. Pipal spiking dhis speling dialect cud bi andarstud bai adhar Inglish spikarz bat der pranansiashan wud bi cansidard a litl auf.

Yu andarstend?

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