32 - Beware of Austria ..

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...IF you're NOT a tourist,your skin is of a darker shade than the skin of the average Austrian, you're seeking political asylum ... and so on.

"Due to a ministerial order from the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, which went into effect in early October 2002, the situation of those seeking political asylum in Austria has become dramatically worse. Refugees from certain countries are no longer eligible for federal care, which means no lodgings, no food and no medical care – while simultaneously being prohibited from working."

This is part of the mission statement by the agency "no_milk///no_honey" which was founded in 2003 to call attention to these circumstances with unconventional methods, such as pictograms of real-life-incidents. The one you can see here hints at the case of the Nigerian Marcus O., who suffocated in the course of deportation. Read more …
Articles such as towels, t-shirts, bags can be purchased via NoMilk

If you speak German,read AI's annual report (2005)on Austria.

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