35 - The Seven Deadly Sins

This weekend was meant to be a relaxing one (and it turned out very much so), therefore the weekend-reading was also a light one: Doctored Evidence, by Donna Leon, a murder mystery, with Leon's long-term hero Commissario Brunetti, and set in Venice. An old Venetian woman is found murdered in her flat, her missing Romanian maid is the one and only suspect. When she tries to leave the country she is tracked down by police,and in an attempt to flee, is run down by a train. However, things are not, what they seem to be ..

I like the side-theme, which actually is the red thread throughout the mystery: The seven deadly sins which have, as voiced by Brunetti's wife Paola, ceased to be seen as sins - which might not be a bad thing, but it makes a difference for society and ethics altogether. I agree, although one still has to differentiate between gluttony and avarice, but on the whole, the "deadly-sin-notion" seems to have died away (pun intended), even for fundamental Catholics. On the other hand, I wonder,is the same true for the seven virtues ?

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