39 - Efforts to bridge gaps

Yesterday, the initiative “i2010: European Information Society 2010” was launched by the European Commission.

3 policy priorities are outlined:

* to create an open and competitive single market for information society and media services within the EU.
* to increase EU investment in research on information and communication technologies (ICT) by 80%.
* to promote an inclusive European information society. To close the gap between the information society “haves and have nots”, the Commission will propose: an Action Plan on e-Government for citizen-centred services and several flagship initiatives (technologies for an ageing society, intelligent vehicles and digital libraries making European culture available to all) – and finally actions to overcome the geographic and social “digital divide” by an initiative on e-inclusion.

Read more here: European Information Society 2010.

This was an important step in a desirable direction, especially the closing-the-gap-measures.

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