61 - Sloterdijk on Europe

Sign and Sight has a very interesting interview with Peter Sloterdijk under the header "Damned to expertocracy".

There's a small extract:

....."The 21st century is becoming a neo-authoritarian laboratory, one where capitalism no longer has a need for democracy.

Something you're in favour of?

Of course not. It's with feelings of deep regret that I watch the domain of freedom being eroded bit by bit. The current situation is similar to the 1930s, when several kinds of authoritarianism were on offer all over the world. I think political systems are again experiencing a transition to postliberal forms. You have a choice between China's 'party dictatorial' mode, the Soviet Union's 'state dictatorial' mode, the USA's 'sentiment dictatorial' mode and finally the 'media dictatorial' mode of Berlusconi's Italy. Berlusconiism is the European test balloon of the neo-authoritarian turn.

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