Vacation vs. Vocation

Phew ....There's nothing harder than several weeks of vacation ;-)

Idly browsing through some magazines offered in the plane on my way back to
Vienna, I came across an irritating statement: Drinkers of coffee are chaotic and creative, drinkers of tea are well organized, conservative and a little boring. They even said never would a drinker of tea be uncontrolled or inventive. But what about people like me, who cherish a good cup of tea, and wouldn't refuse a nice café latte either? Is the chaos we create boring, or is there disciplined entropy?? And why does all of this remind me of school?

Ah tomorrow - there's nothing harder than the first day of school after several weeks of vacation ..


Rob Spence said...

Welcome back - you'll soon feel like you've never been away...I do already!

francessa said...

That's what I call comforting, Rob!;-)

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