Handbook for Bloggers

... and cyber-dissidents, by Reporters Without Borders, pdf-download here, a practical guide and manual, made with the help from bloggers all over the world, e.g. Jay Rosen or Dan Gillmor.

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Dee Rimbaud said...

Re: Blog-Link Exchange


I'm a writer & artist who has developed a blogging compulsion (not yet quite an obsession, but going that way). I'm looking for blogging artists and writers to exchange links or blogroll with. My blog is at http://deerimbaud.blogspot.com/ Email me at dee@thunderburst.co.uk if you're up for it.

All the best

Dee Rimbaud

ps: If you are looking for markets for illustrations, short stories or poetry, check out The AA Independent Press Guide, which I host for free on my main website - http://www.thunderburst.co.uk It gives detailed listings of over 2,000 literary magazines and publishers. There are also links to over 700 internet magazines. I'm sure you'll find it useful/ interesting... and I'd appreciate any help to spread the word. Give it a mention in your blog or something. Thanks.

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