Five medals in one day!

We did it again!

3 gold, 2 bronze medals for Austria!

Ski Jumping
Men's Giant Slalom and Super-G-Women



Rob Spence said...

We? We?? I didn't spot you on the TV highlights, Francessa! :-)

francessa said...

You didn't spot me?? Must have been the fog again.. tsk tsk..

Rob Spence said...

OK, I suppose we have to accept that you lot are world champs at sliding down a mountain on a tin tray, or whatever it is...
But when it comes to a *proper* sport...:-)

francessa said...

Ah, the proper sports! You mean those where several people run after pieces of leather? Let's talk about that in June!
By the way, WE're second now in the ranks, with 18 medals, just after Germany, but before the USA and Russia! Where else, I ask you, if not in sliding on tin trays, as you so nicely put it, could something like this happen to a very very small country? :-)

Rob Spence said...

Are you even in the World Cup? Anyway, at least the Brits aren't in volved in

francessa said...

This doping thing IS a shame, really! I feel sorry for all the other athletes who had nothing to do with this and are now regarded with suspicion.
And no, we've left the World Cup, so many other things to do ;-). However, we're qualified for the next World Cup anyway, because it'll be over here.

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