100 ways to become true citizens

"Sign and Sight" (who is about to celebrate its first birthday by the way) has the English translation of the proposed citizenship test for the German federal state Hesse. 100 questions!
After quick scanning and skimming of the test I'm sure I couldn't pass it without proper preparation.Okay, I'm not German, but still, living there part-time.

But help is in sight!

Wikipedia has the answers, only in German so far, I think.

The Austrian Government is also working on a citizenship test.

Ananova reports, that Austrian Civil Servants were "left with red faces, because they had made howlers on a new citizenship test for immigrants", such as making Mozart responsible for the National anthem (which is actually disputable and no historic fact) and the like. I don't know all the questions for this test, but I'm sure the country would be reduced to 20 percent of the population, if the Austrians themselves had to take the test.


Anonymous said...

Ich arbeite noch an einigen möglichst blöden Antworten auf die Fragen ...

"Nennen Sie drei Gründe, warum Sie die deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit erwerben möchten!

1) Die Bundeskanzlerin ist ein scharfes Gerät.

2) In Österreich ham Se mir ned gnomme.

3) Die Fahne ist einfacher zu zeichnen als die der USA.

Anonymous said...

These citizenship tests are rather revealing, imho.
Like this blog, btw

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