To make poverty history

There's an essay in Prospect by Robert Cooper (who works with Javier Solana) "The Mystery of Development" - on the role of development of poor countries, development aid and supporting measures. He sees the necessity of this process as being political in a deeper sense - any effective development must include the creation and development of the state. There are many differences between developed and less developed countries, but the one that is clearly visible in every case is the quality of the state and the important role of the law.

Campaigns such as the Make Poverty History movement, do, in his opinion "much good by raising consciousness and mobilising resources. But we will not make poverty history by our own efforts. Poverty is eliminated by the creation of functioning states; and only the poor nations themselves can do that. We should help those who are on the road—and we should be more ready to put money into making political and security solutions work. But we might as well recognise that for the most part we give aid not for development but to mitigate the evils of non-development. The objective is charitable: to help the poor survive, if possible with some dignity." Read more ..

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