Google in China

Philipp Lenssen did a test. He checked 10,000 words from an English dictionary in Google.cn web search, with Chinese language settings. 901 – 9% – of the words checked returned censored results. He defines a result as "censored" whenever Google shows their own censorship disclaimer ("According to local laws and policies some search results are not showing"). He stresses that its not words that are being censored, but search results respectively websites.

Here a few randomly selected words from his long list:
secluded, segment, segregation, sent, sentence, sentimental, separate, serious, sessions, setback, seventeen, seventeenth, seventy, sexy, shah, shaken, shire, shocking, shortage, shortfall, shorthand, shorts, shown, shrimp, si, sibling, sideways, sighted, sing, situation, sixteen, sixteenth, skinny, slain, slim, sloppy, sluggish, sly, smashed, snoop, sob, soften, solely, solemn, solitude, sonic, sonny, sophistication, soul, sour, sovereignty, spawn, sperm, spinach, spirits, splits, sport, spotted, squeeze, stall, stance, standby, stars, start, stationery, steep, stimulate, stoke, stool, stopping, straightforward, strait, streamlined, strengthen, struck, stumble, subsidiary, substitute, suburb, suck, suffer, suitable, suitcase, sunset, super, suppose, supposedly, surge, surprise, surrender, sway, symmetrical, takeover, talented, technology, tedious, teenage, teenager, teens, tenure, terms, terrain, terror, tertiary, theoretically, therefore, thirteen, this, thorough, thread, threat, threaten, threw, thrill,

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