Modern Times

A few days ago I bought the new

Bob-Dylan-album"Modern Times.

Great album - that much is clear after the first listening. But I still have to get used to a somewhat changed Bob Dylan.

He sings:

"You think I'm over the hill, ... you think I'm past my prime. Let me see what you got. We can have a whoppin' good time."

Modern and at the same time timeless.

Read a more elaborate review than this here in Rolling Stone.

Last post from my last week of holidays. Stay tuned.


Rob Spence said...

Not sure I fancy a whoppin good time with his Bobness. What is he talking about, I wonder?
His voice sounds more and more like some cracked old bluesman on a 78...

Blog's Author said...
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francessa said...

Hi Rob, ah, his Bobness is becoming better and better! "Ain't talking" has already entered my - non-existent - list of the ten favourite songs. I'm enraptured ..:-)

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