10 Most Stressful Jobs

Ok, so a teacher's job is among the 10 most stressful professions - according to 33 News abc survy.

This information comes in real handy - right at the beginning of term.

But a teacher's stress is NOTHING compared to the stress suffered by IT-experts. One of the IT-people said:"I spend most of my day fielding calls from people who don’t even have a basic knowledge of computers and printers...It is amazing the amount of time I spend teaching people where the on-off button is..."


Pablo Fanque said...

I can vouch for the IT stress Francessa.

I'm surrounded by (system test) colleagues some of whom try to write letters in a spreadsheet or open a spreadsheet via MSWord and wonder why they are having problems! My comment to them is "Would you take a dictionary into a Maths exam, or would you take a calculator into an English exam?" Eventually you can see the penny drop from the look on their face(s).


francessa said...

This is incredible, pablo! On the other hand, why should adults (in general, not speaking of the unique individual, of course) be any different from teens (in general..)?
But still, if you manage that the penny finally drops .. :-)

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