The Table of Free Voices

I've just watched and listened - via internet - to a few of the questions submitted to Dropping Knowledge, a platform for social change, open to every citizen of the world. The first phase of this project is centered around questions, thousands of questions from all over the world, on all kinds of subjects. And yesterday was the "Table of Free Voices" (diameter: 33 metres) in Berlin where 112 "inspiring individuals" such as scientists, artists, writers, philosophers, e.g. Avi Primor, Wim Wenders, Giora Feidman tried to answer these questions. Everything was filmed. Some of the principles of "Dropping Knowledge" are "inclusiveness, sustainability, copyleft - as opposed to copyright, public ownership, transparency, independece, grassroots change". The answers should be the starting point for a global dialogue of the most important issues of mankind. Worth listening and reading, or participating even.

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