What's my own?

Here's a list of what the members of Zebo.com , a shoppers' platform and social networking site and "The World's Largest Repository of What People Own", possess:

dogs lol cute jeans bike boy well fish sunglasses football pen fun money sterio earrings flip body every school personality pictures nintendo system people about things television rings photos anything boots jewelry self basketball laptop nike eyes box mini bed xbox heart music life flat sister shirts boyfriend ps2 beautiful

And here's what they want or want to have:

watch see baby pet plasma pool shoes loads girls thing shirt video playstation digital life swimming cute sports partner dream mustang beach honest family come friendship any country real sony work cds better help wife cellphone chocolate room meet cd about sexy care find love dog jeans girlfriend heart cat

Interesting, what can be conceived by the notion of owning - apart from things that can be bought.


Anonymous said...

I hate the idea someone would claim to "own" me.


francessa said...

I agree with you on that - but then, some (a lot of?)kids or teens see things slightly different here.

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