Three Photographers

What are holidays for? Reading, of course, being in Germany, playing, doing lots of nonsense, going to exhibitions like the Caspar David Friedrich exhibit in Hamburg - finally! - and working through the Christmas gifts.

For a long time I have admired both photographers Andreas Feininger and Andreas Gursky. But only a few days ago I made the connection - there are similiarities between those two, the densitiy, choice of motives (America), the German origin, and only today I realised they share the same first name.

As I have heard today from secret sources there will be a Gursky exhibition in Munich from February 17 to May 13. We just might go there ....

Talking about photographers. I got the beautiful "A Photographer's Life 1990 - 2005", by Annie Leibovitz as a Christmas gift.

Portraits and photographs of Johnny Cash, Michael Jordan, Keith Richards, the Clintons, Nelson Mandela, Jack Nicholson, and many more, as well as astonishing family compositions.


Stevie's full of good intentions said...

Zu dem Thema wollt ich auch was bloggen .... !

Rob Spence said...

Very tempted by the CDF exhibition, but decided we'd probably seen most of them before, so couldn't really justify a trip to Germany to see them.
We are looking at Vienna, though...

francessa said...

Good idea. There's Chagall 1908-1922, then Picasso, there'll be a Baselitz-Remix between January and April, a big Biedermeier-Exhibition (The Invention of Simplicity) and much more.
Besides, Vienna is always worth a visit :-)

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