Happy Birthday, Alexander Kluge!

"If we were to talk about something like Noah's ark today, where the best qualities are preserved, it would not be one ship, but a multitude of small boats".

"That's what we call the publisher's principle: the idea that the press knows responsible authors who are accountable for what they write".

Aren't these quotes metaphorical for the mediaworld of today, as regards independent and citizenship journalism and blogging?

They were made by Alexander Kluge, film director, author, and one of the most poignant German thinkers (especially with reference to the media) who celebrates his 75 birthday today. Congratulations!

His latest books are very good reading and thinking material. "The Devil's Blind Spot. Tales from the New Century" is available in English and told in the style of Nietzsche's aphorisms and based on anecdotes and events. He shows that the devil is not a single "being", but shows (himself) in the disasters of modernity such as 9/11.

His latest book was released only yesterday and is therefore only available in German: Geschichten vom Kino (Cinema Stories). I'm sure a translation will follow soon.


Stevie's full of good intentions said...

Public sphere and experience? You know you are supposed to read Habermas' "Structure change of public sphere" before you start reading this book ? BTW: What is the translation of "Geschichte und Eigensinn" ?

francessa said...

Maybe I should read Habermas but I'm not sure if I'd comprehend anything at all. I don't think there is a translation of "Geschichte und Eigensinn". Maybe "History and Self-Will?" ;-)

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