The Blue Revolution - IKB =PB29, =CI 77007

This is a tribute to Yves Klein: one webpage entirely in the Klein Blue!

The Blue Revolution can be seen in Vienna from today until 3 June 2007. There's an Yves Klein retrospective in the MUMOK in Vienna, in cooperation with the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

I haven't seen it yet, but will do so ere long.

Yves Klein is the "inventor" of monochrome painting, concept artist, performative artist. He painted in pink and gold, but later almost exclusively in this deep blue you can see via the link on top - patented as International Klein Blue. To him, this was the purest of all colours. The exhibit comprises more than 120 paintings, sculptures, manifestos and drawings from important private and public collections in France, the USA and Japan plus original films and documents.

Take a look at Mumok's Image Gallery to see those beautiful blue things.

In the Klein Archives you'll find some more.


Anonymous said...

beautiful colour. blue is working class, navy, police,infinity, coldness, sky. did you know that the ancient Greeks had no word for blue?

francessa said...

No, I didn't, it sounds strange, though. If I'd have to connect a colour to a country, I'd think of Greek and blue first.

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