Silence Means Consent

Garry Kasparov, leader of the Russian opposition, spoke in Vienna about the Russia after the killing of Anna Politkovskaya and after he had been questioned by the Russian Secret Service.

He said, he didn't notice much difference in the behaviour of the Russian police and Lukaschenko's Belarus police. Asked about the lack of support the opposition has by the Russian people he said that things were beginning to change because more and more people realized that a better life was connected to political freedom. "All we want are free and fair elections and respect for the Constitution". The Russian opposition wouldn't ask the West to back them up. All they wanted was that the West wouldn't back up Putin. Putin had lots of advocates in the West who would be silent as regards the political situation, with regard to economic relations. But silence means consent (Information: report in the Austrian daily "DerStandard" from today).

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