Vic Chesnutt in Vienna

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On Friday we were at a concert of Vic Chesnutt and his band in Vienna’s Gartenbaukino. I had seen Vic before – he looked even more frail than the last time (some three years ago in Essen) but his voice was intense as ever, changing from quiet to aggressive to tender, sometimes all of these in a few lines of song. The black-humor contents of mortality and loss matched the black day (All Soul’s Day) just fine.

And the band (Efrim Menuck, Jessica Moss, Thierry Amar, Eric Craven (Silver Mt. Zion), Guy Picciotto (Fugazi)) who seems to be an assembly of interesting individuals was marvellously in accordance and at the same time a contrast to Vic.

We heard mostly songs from his new album "North Star Deserter" and one aweseome „Ruby Tuesday“ as an encore.

More in German on Stevie’s blog.

The beautiful photo is from us.kids.know.

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Anonymous said...

Isee you still live Ingrid. And still into mind bending music. do you ever visit Ireland now? I look forward to meeting again some day in the not too distant future. Come back if you see this. I remeberyou so fondly always.
a little x martin

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