Back from Berlin

Unter den Linden
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I have to admit this ashamedly, this weekend was the first time I ever got to see (a little of) Berlin!

Although we couldn’t really go sightseeing, as I had to give a talk on "Social Networks and Weblogs of Teens" at the Congress of Psychology and Psychotherapy, and there was heavy rain, plus Emma, the hurricane – I really liked the very relaxed atmosphere in the hotel, the coffeehouses and the affability of the Berliners (or Berlinians?). I got to know quite a few very nice people at the Congress and we will stay in touch, hopefully!

And the buildings! I always had to think of old films – there must be legions of films made in Berlin! And novels, too. There are lots of similiarities to Viennese architecture which was confusing sometimes. It was a little like coming home, but everything has become bigger and more distinctive and aloof.

And the KaDeWe, the largest departmentstore in all of Continental Europe is worth visiting, too. I got lots of ideas for my advertising classes.

We were almost on our own yesterday evening in front of the impressing Brandenburger Tor and only today I realized it was because the fire department had advised people to stay off the streets...

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