cuckoo in birch
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Yesterday, I heard a cuckoo! We took a walk near the Rieselfelder in Muenster (a huge bird sanctuary in a wet marsh area) - and there it was! Cuckoo-ing along, for quite a while.

I was fairly exited, as I hadn't heard one in years.

Actually, it can be seen on the birch, with a little effort and enlargening tools...


Lydia said...

Lucky you to see a cuckoo! We don't have them here. I saved the picture to enlarge it. That marsh land looks just beautiful; I imagine it smells wonderful and rich.

Thanks for validating the excitement and exhaustion of being a blogosphere newbie. You are so right! I'm taking your advice and getting a normal night's sleep tonight.

Von deiner neuen Freundin, die sehr müde ist:-) (I copied this but will practice it to memorize.)

francessa said...

Hi lydia,

great decision to get a little sleep!

(dass du nicht mehr müde bist)

Hearing the cuckoo was nice but I couldn't stand it for more than, say, half an hour. Too monotonous ;-) We had a cuckoo clock when I was a child, and I loved it! But then, it only went off on the hour which was more than enough. I downloaded some cuckoo clock chime with a cuckoo clock icon yesterday that is now on my desktop. I wonder how long I'll manage to endure it :-)

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