What's in a Frog? What's in a Prince?

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A few days ago I bought a small present for a little girl, a joke article. It’s called „My Prince Charming“ and consists of a small plastic container with a frog sitting in it. If you fill it with water, like magic, the frog will dissolve, exposing a prince (see the picture). The prince will then begin to grow, and will be fully grown within 72 hours.

Now, we’ve finished the first eight hours so far.

The most funny thing is: the prince grows asymmetrically.To me he looks like a mixture of (the cliché of) a typical Russian with a bearskin hat and (the cliché of) a typical American cowboy who is about to draw his colt.

Any other suggestions? :-)

However, there are still 64 hours left to develop into princely beauty.


Lydia said...

Hi Francessa,
This is so cool. Mike looked at it with me and we both want to know where the frog/prince is available, i.e., did you find online, etc.?

Can't wait to see the blooming prince!

francessa said...

Hi Lydia, there are four links, ours looks like the last one.

grand illusions




We keep you informed about the developments!

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