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I have a colleague, Karin, who's a member in a ladies' combo, called The Rockingbirds. They play boogie woogie, bluegrass, rockabilly, country & western - you name it! And they just brought out their first CD: Memphis Sundown.

So, several weeks ago I went with some of my colleagues to the CD-presentation - and the three girls were absolutely great!

Sabine is marvelous on the drums. In the booklet that accompanies the CD it says she has the eight note shuffle in her genes being the daughter of an Austrian boogie woogie pioneer, and Katie's passion is the Western swing and rockabilly sound and she's great on the guitar.

I love Karin's dark bluesy voice! (She's the one on the left). Some of the songs are covered, but several are written by themselves, for example "The Bikers farewell", "Memphis Sundown", "I hate to go". Katie Kern wrote "You never say a word" - a beautiful love song.

On their MySpace-site there are some audio samples.

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Lydia said...

Wow, the Rocking Birds sound great! Two of the samples at MySpace are straight from my childhood in Reno: Fever and Your Cheating Heart. They do a terrific job on both. This is so fun that you could go and enjoy an evening of their music. If they know you blogged about them they'd be thrilled.
(I'm behind in everything and will email soon!)

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