The notebook-problem is solved, finally. After almost every part of that notebook was replaced the mainboard has corroded! Technician says I would need a new one which costs about € 600.-, and that's it. I give up!

No repairs, no waiting, no chicken-hearted calls and bus trips to the repair-shop any longer! No flinching, when the phone rings! No discussion of the 94th version of options I still have! I'm so sick of all this!

There's only one option now: To buy a new one, and presto! And maybe flog some of the useful parts of the old one. It was beautiful,it was the most expensive notebook I ever had, it was just one year old, but now it's gone.

Weekend is shopping time ...

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Lydia said...

I am sooo sorry it has come to this: in terms of angst and expense. And after only a year? Wow, this is another message for me to do a back-up of our computer and I must back up my blog. After seeing how unnerved you've been I know I'd be the same. When you get up and running come by to pick up your award at my blog (posted Oct. 26).
:) :) :) :) :)

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