Cold Europe

It's cold over here. Fortunately, yesterday Ukraine signed an accord with Russia and the European Union to resume European gas supplies after several days of disruption amid freezing temperatures.

There was no problem here in Austria as we have some reserve, but more than 15 countries across central and eastern Europe have been hit by the shutdown of Russian gas supplies. Tens of thousands of homes in central Europe have been left without heating, and schools and businesses had to close.

The arrival of the gas will take some time, three days at least.

I really hope, European politicians will have a reality check due to this crisis and will concentrate more determinedly on renewable energy sources.

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Lydia said...

Good for Austria with reserves to call upon. But the poor other countries...I've been watching this on the news and it's almost an unreal situation. How terrible to still have to wait for three more days.
I read the article about the zoos and my heart ached for the animals. And poor Sarajevo; good God, how much more do these people have to take?
I'm going to turn on the electric blanket and go to bed now, feeling very grateful...but certainly not smug because the whole world is getting a wake up call in one way or another, it seems.

francessa said...

Yes, you're right and hopefully these wake up calls will get some reaction. But as you can see in my latest post, the madness goes on.

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