New Year's Eve

Despite the cold (and my cold) we got out for an hour yesterday, on New Year's Eve.

The Prinzipalmarkt (principal market) is the oldest shopping street in Muenster, and the center of the old city. Even during the Middle Ages, the arcades (left and right) made shopping possible in any weather condition.

It was very quiet at around 6 p.m., the noise of the fireworks still some time away. We made a stroll through the old lanes and afterwards had some nice hot chocolate in a bar.

Happy New Year!


Lydia said...

Happy New Year, Francessa!

I'm glad you felt well enough to enjoy a bit of the evening. The hot chocolate sounds especially good to me right now, but my coffee is ok too.
p.s. I'm following your blog but you must not have the widget there to show it. Your post popped right up when I went to my dashboard!

Take care of yourself and Get Well!

(the word I have to type in is:

kat said...

Lovely photograph.

Happy New Year.

francessa said...

Hi Lydia, thanks, first visitor in the new year! Let's hope it will turn out well!

I had to update my blog as it was still on the ancient first blogger version. As a result, almost none of the old widgets work! Have to learn XML now ...

Thanks, kat! Coming from you, this makes me proud!

Happy New Year to you!

Rob Spence said...

Lovely picture! Where is everybody?
Happy New Year!

francessa said...

Hi Rob,

I have no idea! In Vienna, the streets would have been overcrowded at this time of day. But maybe it was just one of these time windows ...

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