Gerhard Richter again

After having seen the beautiful glass windows of the Cologne Cathedral created by Gerhard Richter we went to the Albertina retrospective in Vienna.

“I pursue no objectives, no system, no tendency; I have no program, no style, no direction…. I steer clear of definitions. I don’t know what I want. I am inconsistent, non-committal, passive; I like the indefinite, the boundless; I like continual uncertainty", says Richter who leads the list of the most sought-after painters in the world, followed by Bruce Nauman, Sigmar Polke and Georg Baselitz.

He may not pursue anything, but the effects are pretty strong. His versatility impressed me most. The Albertina shows about 150 photorealistic paintings, abstract oil paintings, watercolours and drawings and covers many different phases of a painter's life.

I might go there for a second time.


Lydia said...

Now, you are telling me that this is a photorealistic painting and not a family photograph? Absolutely amazing!
Oh, if I were you......or there with you......I'd definitely go a second time!

francessa said...

Exactly, it's an oilpainting! But he has so many techniques, it's amazing. Well, the exhibit is on till 3 May ...

Di Mackey said...

He reads like an interesting man. Thanks to Lydia, for pointing me in your direction :)

francessa said...
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francessa said...

Hi Di Mackey,

yes, Richter is amazing, and always good for a surprise. Your profile sounds interesting, I'm gonna read your blog! (Thanks to Lydia, she's a great connector :-)

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