Earth Day 2009

I take this test every year: How many planets does it take to support your lifestyle?

I still need 4.6 planets! Not good at all, although it was much higher last year. It's the flying that causes the bad results. And the garbage. And all these electrical gadgets. Food is okay (vegetarian), transport, too (mostly public).


Lydia said...

Happy Earth Day, Francessa!
I'm up late but still took the footprint test. I answered as Mike because he commutes. Our household came out at 3.6 planets.

Thanks for providing this link. It's a great (and fun) quiz, very thought-provoking. And I didn't know you are a vegetarian! I eat some poultry and fish, but no meat....

francessa said...

Happy Earthday back, Lydia!
3.6 is much better! I think, living alone is unfavorable, too.
I'm a lacto-vegetarian with the occasional fish, not so much different from you.

Friko said...

Sadly, I missed Earthday blogging,I had an enforced offline period.
Have a look at my site, I have a very powerful poem, written over 300 years ago, which is just as valid today.My group wanted to hear it twice, they were very impressed.
We all try to reduce our carbon footprint but it doesn't always work. Well, the scraper and I save on air travel what we eat.

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