In Bavaria

I spent some days (reflection days, to be precise) with a few colleagues in Zwiesel, a small town in the Bavarian Forest which is an extensive wooded low-mountain area in the south of Germany, Bavaria, very close to the Czech border.

The forest is magically beautiful and fascinating, with streams, rivers, glacial lakes and mystic moors. There are animals, by now extinct elsewhere, such as the capercaillie, the white backed woodpecker, and the lynx.

In addition to this, the area is known for its glassworks and the steam beer.

Here are some beautiful pictures.

Here's more on the Bavarian Nature Park, in English as well.

Here's the site of the Bavarian Forest National Park.


Lydia said...

That's magical! I am enchanted by this. We're on our way to Portland soon for the book launch of a friend's first novel. I will return to look at the links in your post.

MargaretBavaria said...

The link you have given is for the Bavarian Forest NATURE Park. This is the website for the Bavarian Forest NATIONAL Park - http://www.nationalpark-bayerischer-wald.de/englisch/index.htm
The Nature Park is concerned with man's place in nature. The National Park is concerned with nature only.
But you are right that it is a beautiful area - that is why we have chosen to live here - and almost unknown in the outside world.

francessa said...

Lydia, enjoy your stay in Portland!

Margaret, thanks for the hint, I've made the proper changes (hopefully).

Friko said...

Lovely pictures, would you believe, I'.ve never even been there.
I don't know why I missed your last posts, i thought you had been away for a week or two.

francessa said...

Friko, maybe you could come over here some time?

I was away for more than a week, but as Groucho Marx pointed out: Time flies like the wind. And he added: Fruit flies like bananas. :-)

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