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Lots of Europeans are awaiting the results of the (second) Irish referendum on the EU’s Lisbon Treaty which took place yesterday.
The treaty can only take effect if all of the 27 EU member states ratify it - and so far, 24 member states have done so. Apart from Ireland only Poland and the Czech Republic could stop the treaty.
An Irish „No“ would damage the EU’s credibility internationally and within the EU, would impede decision-making processes and delay long due institutional reforms.

The „Yes“ Camp in Ireland consists of all the main political parties (apart from Sinn Fein), the governing Fianna Fail and their allies the Greens, Fine Gael (the main opposition party) and the Labour Party. Most of the industry and business associations and trade unions also support the treaty.

The „No“ Camp consists of Sinn Fein, one of the largest unions, Unite, and various citizens’ groups, a lobby group „Farmers for No“, and more.

The official figures for the result of the referendum are expected at approximately 5.30 pm this evening.

The Irish Times has more.

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