Annie Leibovitz in Vienna

It’s almost two weeks that we visited the Annie Leibovitz exhibit: A Photographer's Life 1990 – 2005 at the Kunsthaus in Vienna, but work and illness kept me from blogging earlier.

There are lots of portraits of famous people like Robert de Niro, William S. Burroughs, Demi Moore, Mick Jagger and others and a huge bunch of family photos, including some rather touching ones of the mortally ill Susan Sontag, Leibovitz’ companion in life.

My favorite is the photo of Leonardo DiCaprio with a white swan snuggling affectionately around his neck. Very impressing the last photo of John Lennon (taken a few hours before his death), the Sarajewo Cycle, photos of the Bush administration (caused some giggles among visitors), the photo of Queen Elizabeth, and the Obama Family.

And many more,of course.


Lydia said...

I'm happy to know you feel well enough for this post...at least today may be a better day.

How wonderful to see this exhibit! I so admire her work; the most recent of the Obama family was shown on the evening news here. I agree with you about the DiCaprio/swan shot, and I sighed when I saw it for the first time here.

There is an exhibit of Dorothea Lange's photography in Portland that will leave on Nov. 25. I hope we can go to see it this coming Sunday...

Friko said...

a great photographer.

I hope you are better again.

francessa said...

Lydia, thank you! I try to manage short posts at least. Microblogging at Twitter would be adequate ;-).

I've seen some of Lange's photos, they're marvelous! Hope you can make it!

Friko, there's slight progress in my mobility and a little more progress in my determination to fight this frozen shoulder on multiple fronts.

Hattie said...

Gute Besserung!
How interesting to compare the photos of the strange Bush folks to the radiant Obamas.
Leibowitz is a genius, no doubt about it.

francessa said...

Danke, Hattie!

Yes, there is a lot of atmosphere in these photographs.

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