Climate Summit - Obama's Speech

Here's the link to President Obama's long awaited speech at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

Still waiting for a final agreement that will bring about real change.

Here's the link to the Guardian's live blog.

The Guardian obtained a draft document showing a very weak level of agreement.

All of this would be real exciting if it was a soccer match or some downhill racing contest and not something to do with our future. I'm certainly not a person prone to panic, and I've got a lot of confidence in the self-healing powers of nature, but on the other hand I've seen photos of our Alpine glaciers, our most important water reservoirs, and they gave me the creeps.

Here's more on the declining of glaciers and the resulting effects.


Hattie said...

Fine words. Obama is good at fine words.

Lydia said...

Interesting that you link the Guardian, as that is the site I spent time on during the day for the latest on the climate summit. I have a post in draft that is basically just a reprinting of one person's comment at the Guardian website. Not sure if I'll post it.

I am very depressed about the future.

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