Happy 2010!

A Happy New Year to all readers of this blog!

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light.
May good luck pursue you each morning and night.
May joy and peace surround you,
Contentment latch your door,
And happiness be with you now,
And bless you evermore.
(Irish Blessing)

The picture was taken this morning in snow-covered Muenster, Germany.

In case you're one for New Year's Resolutions, but didn't have any time to think of one, go to the New Year's Resolutions Generator.

And have you decided yet how to pronounce 2010? Here's a suggestion.


Lydia said...

Happy Happy Happy New Year, dear friend! I love the Irish blessing. And the last link is especially interesting (and helpful).

Well, there it is a new year and decade. Here we have 6.5 hours to go!


francessa said...
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francessa said...

Hi Lydia, thank you!!!! I've already arrived in 2010 and wish you a very good start! Hope you had a nice New Year's Eve. We played board games (actually only one, called "dog").

There is no one like the Irish when it comes to blessings. They have hundreds of them, for any occasion possible.

Reading the resolutions generator is fun, too. You can read things like: follow my own advice/share the remote control/be remarkable/stay in touch (now that's one for me)/eat a mango .. and so on.

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