Birthdays and Changes

The most important things first. It's my friend Lydia's birthday today (yes, that's the smart and adorable lady from writerquake, just round the corner on blogspot) who happens to be a Tiger in the Chinese Horoscope as you can see on her blog. Happy Birthday, Lydia! The hippeastreae (I hope that plural is correct!) are for you!

And as birthdays and change have some connection I thought Mike Laurie's article on Mashable How Social Media Changed us would be a suitable post for today. He describes areas in which social media has had lasting effects on the ways we live.

These are Child Literacy, Ambient Intimacy, Knowledge and Power, The Reinvention of Politics, The Marketing Flux, and News as Cultural Currency.

But, read for yourself.

I won't get into some drawbacks of Social Media today, but I will soon. All things considered, I think the assets outweigh the drawbacks by far. They allow us to find like-minded people, to connect, to be creative, to make friends (like Lydia) and to congratulate them publicly on their birthdays! :-)


Lydia said...

I just read this out loud to Michael and when I finished I said, "What a great post!" Did you hear me? I said it really loudly! Thank you for the beautiful flowers; I've honestly never heard of them or seen them before so you taught me something by giving them to me via your blog.

I'll read the article later, but wanted to say that I think the way you wove your commentary about the article in with my birthday and how our friendship came via that very route...well, it's brilliant!

Thanks for making my birthday so special, HS. xo :)

francessa said...

Thank you, Lydia! Your praise means a lot, as I'm still struggling very much with the complexities and subtleties of the English language.

I hope you spent a nice birthday!

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