Awaiting the Mice

Having a heyday in the hayfield. Mouth-watering!


Lydia said...

Do I see a patient black kitty out there in the field? Looks like my cat, Onyx.

That is a wonderful shot! It sure is a pretty spot.

francessa said...

Yes, Lydia,it's a black one, and a little farther away, a red one. I didn't want to scare them, therefore you don't see much of them.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

That cat probably understands Austrian better than I do {which is not at all!}

It is a lovely picture. As an author, I search the world's blogs to stretch the limitations of my mind in order to improve my writing skills. Thanks for having such a lovely, informative, and entertaining blob. Roland

francessa said...

What's the language of the cats? Catsanian? Or Catish?

Thank you, Roland, for visiting. Must take a look at that blog of yours ..:-)

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