In addition to Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney, the bigger Channel Islands, there are some smaller ones, Sark, as mentioned yesterday in connection with Mervyn Peake, Herm, Jethou, Brecqhou and Lihou. There are even more islands, but very small and uninhabited ones.

Brecqhou was bought by the Barcley Brothers (those who own the British Telegraph Media Group and several hotels in London, such as The Ritz, and more). They built a mock-Gothic castle with 3-foot granite walls, battlements, swimming-pools and a helicopter pad (photo below). They're having several legal disputes with the government of Sark.

A wonderfully idyllic island is Herm. We went there by boat from St. Peter Port. Prince Bluecher III, a grandson of the German Generalfeldmarschall resided on Herm from 1889 to 1915 and restored several houses, e.g. the St. Tugual Chapel, created a walled garden and even introduced a colony of wallabies to the island. It is said that the population was reduced by the prince's butler and chef during an absence of the prince...

Cars and bicycles are banned from the island, only tractors and quad bikes are allowed. We saw quite some of them there.

During our walk around the island my animal-loving companion, encouraged by two French ladies, saved a seagull trapped in a water tank.


Lydia said...

Your posts about your trip to these islands is giving me a terrible case of wanderlust. Or should I say a beautiful case of wanderlust, because it is altogether lovely to read your information and impressions.

That stupid mock castle is dopey, and I cannot understand a place allowing tractors but not bicycles (!!), but aside from those setbacks I would say that it seems close to perfect. I am sure the seagull would agree, having been saved there.

francessa said...

Oh yes, I agree with both the stupid mock castle and the wanderlust! We were only there for a few hours but I'd have loved to spend more time there.

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