Dangerous Ideas

The Edge Foundation's (they promote inquiry into and discussion of intellectual and philosophical issues) "Annual Question 2006" was "WHAT IS YOUR DANGEROUS IDEA?" and 119 intellectual minds of our time wrote essays that - in short- indicate the perception of "a new natural philosophy, founded on the realization of the import of evolutionary complexity", described in a new set of metaphors.

Whatever one thinks of this summary - most of the essays are definitely worth reading.


S. said...


At your convenience please visit ESOPHY .


Read the 'IntroSite' section to get an idea of the publication, what is intended for its development and navigation instructions. A detailed description of this is in the first issue Summer 2005 accessible through 'ARCS 'in the menu.

If you would be interested in writing something for the Spring Issue 2006 which is due March 23, then please send me a note.

Esophy is non-profit. There is no advertising nor commercialism of any type in it. Writers and Artists - that is all.

Thank You


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hint, francessa, good reads, really.


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