London, February 09 – 11, 2006

trafalgar square
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I loved/liked/appreciated:

The sunrise during our early arrival; the concert/show of Belle & Sebastian in the Apollo/Hammersmith, especially that they played my favourite “Fox in the Snow”; Foyle’s and most of the many other bookshops we frequented; a nice glass of cider; seeing the Turners and Constables in the National Gallery again – after so many years; that we found the wallet again we had lost among thousands of people in a concert hall; meeting my niece Kathy who’s living in London; a surprisingly good and pleasant meal in a Pizza Hut;the weather; the Victoria embankment gardens;being able to listen to the English language all day long; a shop assistant with a connection to Austria;that I lost three kilos; sitting with my companion in the sunny Cake House in St. James’s park and sipping real hot tea; that we finally made it into the airplane one minute before rolling off ....., and much more.

I hated/didn’t relish:

the pricey cab to Stansted airport (£ 99.-) (which we had to take because the Standsted express didn’t work and some parts of the tube either); the shabby, tiny and not particularly clean hotel room; not being able to understand all the Englishes; the brazen fees for the luggage room in the same hotel; the barely discernible food and the saucy prices in some Deep Pan restaurant, and much more ...


Anonymous said...

The cab fare seems outrageous.
lovely picture, though.


Rob Spence said...

The cab fare IS outrageous - there is a bus, Francessa....
On balance though, looks like the positives win.
Welcome back, by the way.

francessa said...

Hi Rob,nice welcome! I'll read all your blog entries over the weekend! We knew of the bus, but we couldn't get there in time because of the tube-irregularities :-) I'm only grateful that all of this didn't happen with 30 pupils in tow!

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