In whom we trust

Media or government?

More people around the world trust the media than trust their governments, according to an international poll.

In a survey of 9,000 people in each of nine countries, 61% had "a lot" or "some" trust in the media, compared to 52% for governments.

Support for the media was highest in Nigeria, India and Indonesia.

In the US, UK and Germany, there was greater trust in the government than there was in the media.


Here's a nice presentation of the data!

The full poll results.

Austria was not in the sample, but I'd like to think that unlike the Germans they would have more trust in the media. But not in the Austrian media, hopefully, or only in the few "quality" newspapers, or in international quality media.

Interestingly, the poll says that "Germans appear to be exceptionally enthusiastic consumers of news, with 80 percent following the news every day and 91 preferring to check several sources for their news". Wow!

And the younger people get their news from the internet, everywhere.

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