Magazines on European issues

I don't seem to be able to find much intelligent political/societal/cultural magazine/essay writing in the internet that also puts some weight on European issues and doesn't focus entirely on America.

Okay, there is Telepolis, which is great (and it certainly has the best media theory, internet and communications section), but it's mostly in German, with a few exceptions, then there's Prospect, but you have to have a subscription for some of the articles, and Sign and Sight, which I also read a lot. And that's it. Or is it not?

In any case, should anyone reading this know of interesting magazines, please let me know!

However, yesterday I discovered TCS Daily which has some interesting articles, e.g. the "Worker's Paradise" by Gareth Harding, on the fear of the "established" EU-members of the Eastern European working force swamping their countries.

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