Lunar Eclipse

“Picture this: The year is 2025 and you're on the moon. "Home" is 100 meters away—an outpost on the rim of Shackleton Crater. NASA started building it five years earlier, and it is growing fast. You're one of the construction workers.
As always in these polar regions, the sun hangs low, barely above the craggy lunar horizon. You adjust your visor. It amazes you how bright a low sun can be when there's no atmosphere to dim it.
Suddenly, the lights go out.
Up in the sky, a big black disk covers the sun. A red "ring of fire" appears where the sun was only moments before, and its glow turns the ground red beneath your feet.”

You can continue reading this little story on the NASA Science page with a beautiful picture of the red moon, because on the moon, the ground turns red during a lunar eclipse.

Must be awesome, to be there, on such an occasion!

The eclipse begins at 2018 GMT. I wonder if the effects of the moon on all kinds of beings will stop during the eclipse. Is not seeing not affecting?

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