Moon 3

Ok, here's to the moon! Songs and lyrics connected with the moon! It's incredible, there are thousands of Moon-Songs!

Older ones you can find on this special Moon-Songs-Website, e.g. Moondance (Van Morrison), Moonshadow (Cat Stevens), Song About the Moon (Paul Simon), Moonage Daydream (David Bowie), Yuri-G (PJ Harvey).

More recent ones: Pink Moon (Nick Drake), Shadows On The Moon (Vanilla Ninja),
Shadow of the Moon (Blackmore S Night), Moon Pix (Cat Power).

And even Bob Dylan sings in "Thunder On The Mountain" (Modern Times): ..There's fires on the moon ...! And of course, Belle and Sebastian are: Waiting for the Moon to Rise.

Now, will we see the eclipse or not? It's raining, it's cloudy, it's stormy, and the moon is veiled, but can still be seen. Hm.


Rob Spence said...

The eclipse was good from where I stood - a very clear night in Manchester

francessa said...

Oh, that's great! I saw it only for a few minutes before the clouds covered everything again, but for some reason it was magical. Strange, isn't it?

Rob Spence said...

Yes - very spooky to see a red moon...

francessa said...

I've heard there's something like a blue moon - but obviously only once in a blue moon :-)

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