Putin in Vienna

Pre-impressions of a presidential visit.

President Putin is coming to Vienna on May 23. More than 1000 Austrian policemen und -women will guard him. Plus 40 of his own people.
He will lay wreaths to the monument of the Soviet Soldier.
He will meet our Secretary of State and our Chancellor.
He will be accompanied by Russian industrialists. Austria's business community has a very positive attitude towards Russia. The President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Christoph Leitl said: "Austria knows the Russian soul and has a high opinion of Russia and its people. Russia and Austria are linked by mutual liking and mutual interests in the economy, culture and tourism."
They will talk about cooperations in the machine building and chemical industries. (We are already deep into business as regards oil and gas (=gaz.) Maybe too deep?

The Secretary of State wants to find "clear words", the Chancellor intends to talk about "everything", including human rights.

There will be traffic jams and roadblocks in the inner city area. The Green Party organized a rally today stating "No to Putin's democrature". Three demonstrations are announced for tomorrow.

During the Samara summit, Putin cancelled the interviews with the Austrian press because of "unfriendly coverage". I wonder if there will be any interviews at all.

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