Teletubbies and other gay people

Finally, there's a remake of the old discussion: Is Tinky Winky gay?, triggered out by Eva Sowinksa, spokesperson for children's rights in Poland - after she realized Tinky Winky carried - oh my God! - a handbag, which makes him a) gay and b) if that were the case a harmful role model for other children.

It was also in Poland where they wanted to sack teachers because of homosexuality.

Let's take a look at the scandalous entertainment:

Related topic: The Life ball, Europe's largest AIDS charity event and the only one that takes place in a political building, the City Hall of Vienna, was a huge success. 4000 paying visitors, 40000 watching the beautiful costumes. Last year's ball brought more than 1 million Euros.

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Anonymous said...

The teletubbies sure are the road to perdition ..:-)

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