Global Food Crisis

Global Voices want to place an overall narrative on the global food crisis with observations from authors all over the world.

Here's the special coverage on the food crisis 2008.

When U.N. Chief Ban Ki-moon was in Austria last month he spoke of a global crisis.

BBC's science correspondent Tom Feilden looks at the reasons for the food crisis and why the era of cheap food may be coming to an end.

There's another interesting article in the Washington Post, which lists as the main reasons:

- trade restrictions on agricultural products
- increasing demand in Asia
- the push to produce biofuels
- weather influences that effected the crops
- the rising fuel prices

I like Global Voices' approach and intention of collecting facts and observations from people all over the world.


Lydia said...

Thanks again for providing info and the link to Global Voices at my blog in your comments. I'd imagine others will read that and visit the site. I think it's fantastic and will be sharing it with family and friends.

The list of 5 from the Washington Post -- everytime I read them I think: It's a perfect storm. That all these would be happening at the same time in the world's history may be the hugest challenge humans have yet faced.

Anonymous said...

And its always the least well off ones that are seriously exposed to these kinds of crises.


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