Bloomsday 2008

Let's celebrate Bloomsday!

And,to remember that this blog was installed in honour of Bloomsday, the old links:

Austria and Bloomsday
Bloomsday Blossoms


Lydia said...

Happy Belated Bloomsday to you, Francessa!
You know what? Last year I bought "The Annotated Ulysses" deciding it was high time that I read James Joyce. But I haven't looked at it, as other reads took precedence. I so enjoyed the videos-wonderful. And I went back to read your previous posts which was a lot of fun for me. I must say that I did read aloud the portion from the book that you posted in your blog. It's confusing to me, and I wish I'd had instruction on it in high school or college from a learned professor. In any case, I'm fully aware that reading Joyce is a must-do for me and I will try. Will probably save it for a winter's reading project.
Thanks for teaching me so much in this post!

francessa said...

Hi Lydia, thank you! You’re probably the only one who reads all that stuff! :-)

It’s so cool that you bought “The Annotated Ulysses” - there’s a season for everything, and maybe your Joyce-time has come? ;-) I forgot to set the second video link (for part 2 of the Dublin tour) - it’s here. A lot of James Joyce is best read out aloud, as he’s always playing with words and language and uses a lot of onomatopoeia. And seldom does one understand everything (at least I don’t).

What I’d recommend is to approach Joyce by reading Dubliners (15 short stories)first. My favourite is “The Dead”, and now Lydia, another circle closes! The Dead was adapted to film by ..- guess who?! Yes, John Huston! Isn’t that strange?

Lydia said...

Verrry strange, Francessa! I will read Dubliners first, and thank you for being my guide into James Joyce.
It's 4:10 a.m. - and you guessed it, I am still up and awake. I must stop this craziness. I will email about my weird Wednesday after I wake up on Thursday afternoon...

francessa said...

Oh yes, I love to hear about weird Wednesdays ;-)! Hope you got some sleep by now!

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