A (Sad?)Love Story

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Location: Muenster, Germany, the Aasee (Muenster's lake).

2006: Petra, a black Australian swan, sees a plastic pedal boat shaped like a swan and falls in love with it. Immediately. She circles it, she makes crooning noises, she longs for it. She does not - ever - want to be separated from her love, no matter what the park officials say.

So, after consulting wild life experts, she's allowed to spend the winter with her love, in a small pond in the zoo. And next winter, too.

2008, early spring: Petra gets to know a white swan and ditches her former love. The two swans begin to build a nest together.

2008, late spring: Petra's new mate decides to leave her for another white swan. Petra's very agitated.

What can be done?
Yes! That's what the park officials decided to do: Reunite her with the swan boat, so Petra might feel good again! And, so it is said, they are inseparable again!

One of these days, I'm going to the lake and pay them a visit!

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newspaper clippings - Reuters

newspaper clippings - abc - news

Thanks to Cervusvir for the photo.


Lydia said...

O, Francessa, I had read a little piece in our newspaper about this. I clipped it and mailed it to my sis for her to share with her boys because it was so touching to me. Yes! Please, go to that lake when you can and take a picture...or a video of dear Petra and her own true love. Animals are SO wonderful!

francessa said...

Now, that's funny that you'd already heard of it! I went to the lake yesterday, and I saw a) the pedalboat on its own! b) Petra and a white swan (no idea if it was THE white swan), somewhere in the distance!

But I promise to take photos and try to get closer! Yeah, animals are wonderful!

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